Reporting Rules Violations

Preventing Rules Violations

  • Be proactive to help prevent rule violations at your school. Coaches and cheerleaders should welcome visitors to their school and remind them of the rules before they begin cheering.
  • Our intent isn’t to “catch” cheerleaders not following the rules.

Integrity of Coaches

  • We need to rely on the professional integrity of our coaches to make sure all rules are followed.
  • Coaches must take care of their own cheerleaders so others won’t need to address the rules with them.
  • Coaches should accept responsibility if their cheerleaders are at fault, rather than blaming others, including those who address the rules violation(s).

If You See a Rules Violation

  • Ask cheerleaders if their coach is present and, if not present, who is responsible for them.
  • Be sure YOU see the violation and it’s not one just reported to you by your cheerleaders.
  • Let the coach know that following the NF rules is important for the safety of the cheerleaders and the liability of the coach and school. All schools in Iowa must follow these rules because they’ve been adopted by the IHSAA and ICCA for the safety of Iowa cheerleaders.
  • Remember to be calm, positive, and tactful when addressing rule violations with cheerleaders and coaches.
  • Coaches should talk to the cheerleading coach and/or appropriate administrator of the school in violation of the rules in a courteous manner before reporting the rule violation(s).

Reporting Rules Violations

Report violations immediately to:

Erin Taylor (

so violations can be handled in a timely manner.

  • Violations not reported immediately, or those not actually seen and handled by coaches, will not be dealt with by the Rules Interpreter Director.
  • Coaches reporting violations MUST talk to the coach or administrator of the school in violation BEFORE reporting rule violations.
  • Only coaches who have viewed the online rules meeting may report violations.

When Rules Are Violated

  • When a school is reported for a rules violation the first or second time, both the coach and one of the school’s administrators will be contacted.
  • If a school violates the National Federation rules for a third time, the IHSAA will contact the school.
  • Schools that continue to violate the rules may become ineligible to participate in ICCA events for a period of time determined by the ICCA Board.