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2023 ICCA Spring Coaches’ Conference

Registration Opens MARCH 2.

Breakfast Options if you’re staying at Hilton Garden Inn:
* All-You-Can-Eat, Made to Order Breakfast — $12.95 each
* “Cold” Breakfast (bagels, pastries, fruit, yogurt) — $8.95 each
* “Grab and Go” items — priced individually
(The price of breakfast is not included in your Conference Registration OR your hotel stay.)


2022 State Championship Results


2022 ICCA Coach of the Year Bethany Brink of North Linn
2022 ICCA Contributor of the Year Julie Feirer of Winterset Websites


Our 2022/23 Calendar is now available for download at this link.

Starting on June 1, 2021 ICCA will re-open stunting to schools across Iowa with the following guidelines. We strongly encourage that your school follow guidelines set by your school and county.

  • Schools that require masks will be able to stunt but may NOT perform:
  • Twisting stunts – Including twist ups, twist downs, and twisting basket tosses. Cradles and straight up baskets that don’t twist are allowed.
  • Inversions – Including single stunts and pyramids that include inversions.
  • Once the mask mandate at your school is lifted, you may resume stunting as normal.
  • ICCA highly recommends that each coach communicate with their athletic director in regards to their school mask mandates.
  • For safety reasons, coaches must follow stunt progressions.

Additional considerations/recommendations from USA Cheer

  • Use proper physical distancing to minimize contact.
  • Limit contact between groups at exits and entrances by staggering arrival/departure times between cohort groups (individual stunt groups, teams, etc.) and designating separate   entrances and exits when possible.
  • Avoid congregating before, during, and after practice.
  • Contact and physical distancing should follow all local health directives.
  • Stunting should only occur when local directives allow contact in sport.

It is ultimately the decision of the individual school district whether stunting occurs or not. Schools do NOT have to stunt.

Please remember that this is a fluid situation and things can change rapidly.  Everyone needs to be flexible.  Again, communication with your school administration will be crucial regarding when changes can be made.

Please Review the Spirit Rule Comments Below

2-1-7c and 3-2-1
When passing props from the top person away from the stunt a base must not hold props that are made of hard material or have sharp corners or edges. A top person may hand signs to a non-stunting person on the ground or to a non-required spotter.


When performing braced flips in a pyramid the top persons hands/arms must be in continuous contact with a bracer.  In the cases of a single bracer, there must be a hand/arm connection between both hands/arms of the top person and the bracer.


Switch ups are permitted as long as they are caught by the original bases.


A cheerleader involved in a college cheer program may NOT participate in an ICCA Event. These events include: All-State Tryouts, State Championships, Honor Squad, All-Stars, Special Olympics, Shrine Bowl (juniors only), Academic Scholarship, and Fall Clinics.