Practice Plans and Environment


Expect cheer coaches to use practice plans. Please communicate this expectation to your cheer coaches. The practice plan should include safety instructions, warm-ups, technique and skill building, and conditioning (cardio and weight training) activities.


Please talk to your coach about establishing an emergency plan at practices and at games unless the school already has a plan in place. Having the contact numbers of parent/guardians should be required of coaches at practices and games. We also recommend that the coach practices the emergency plan with his/her cheerleaders so all have knowledge of the procedures if an emergency should occur. It is ICCA’s hope that the coach and athletic director work together in creating the plan.


The National Federation Spirit Rules Book speaks to the need of appropriate practice and performance surfaces, and practice locations for cheerleaders.

Practices needs to be in a location suitable for spirit activities. It should be free of obstructions and excessive noise (such as people walking through a commons area). When cheerleaders are learning stunts the entire stunt group should be completely on a matted surface (even if a stunt moves) to lower the liability of the school and coach, as well as for the safety of the participants.