Follow the Rules

Cheer coaches are expected to follow the National Federation Spirit Rules and the ICCA/IHSAA Strengthened Rules at all times which includes practices, games, performances and pep rallies.  This is for ALL schools and not just ICCA member schools.  The spirit rules book is provided to schools every year by ICCA or IHSAA.  If a rules violation has taken place and is reported, both the coach and one of the school’s administrators will be contacted.  Any violations need to be discussed and corrected with the cheer coach.  Continued violation of the rules by a school could lead to further disciplinary action in regards to events.

The most frequent rule violations are hair not being secured up and away from the face, bows in the face, jewelry being worn (including spacers in piercings and hair ties on wrists), and nails being long (nails are not to be seen when looking at the palm side of the hand). If each athletic director would insist the above three rules are always taken care of for their cheerleaders (including wrestling cheerleaders), few violations would exist. This includes asking opposing cheerleaders to follow the above rules during games/matches as well before being allowed to cheer at your school.

Each one of these rules should be followed at practices, games, pep rallies, and performances to lower the school’s liability. An athletic director can make a tremendous difference in seeing that these rules are enforced to their cheerleaders and visiting cheerleaders at athletic games/matches/events.

See the Spirit Rules page for more specifics, especially these categories:

ICCA/IHSAA Strengthened National Federation Spirit Rules

Clarifying the Hair Rule