Department of Ed. Info on Students Purchasing Uniforms and Attending Required Camps

This information was given to the ICCA by Nicole M. Proesch, Legal Counsel for the Department of Education. Please read carefully and make sure your program is following the rules in regards to uniform purchases and camp attendance.

“Anything that is required or essential for any student activity of the district would fall under the “no fee”. Cheer or dance uniforms are necessary and required for cheer or dance squads, being that they are necessary this would be the responsibility of the district to provide those. Districts can hold fund raisers if they do not have sufficient funds, and most districts in the past did ask a booster club to donate or to lead the fund raisers for that purpose.

Is the district customizing the uniforms in some way? Anything done to customize the uniforms could not be paid from district funds. It may be that by requiring customized uniforms this is how the district is transferring the costs to the cheerleader. However, uniforms can have removable customizing such as a name that is sewn on and can be removed, if customizing is necessary for some purpose.

If the district requires students to attend a camp, then the district must pay. Although, the district should carefully consider whether or not they can require a student to attend a camp outside of normal practice at the school under the guidance and leadership of the district’s cheer/dance sponsor.”

As in other athletic activities, cheerleaders would be responsible for purchasing shoes, socks, briefs, and possibly a bodysuit (if it is not a specific uniform). Uniforms are required to cheer and if schools require warm ups, bags, and poms then all of these items are to be purchased by the school.