Clarifying the Hair Rule

The following are examples to help coaches understand the intent of the hair rule; not all situations are covered.

SECURING hair away from the face situations:

  1. Hair in a ponytail and bangs (which would have been in the eyes) secured away from the face – legal
  2. Hair in a high ponytail that is long and goes down the back – legal
  3. Hair in pigtails or side ponytail that does NOT touch the shoulders – legal
  4. Hair in a low back ponytail at the base of the nape of the neck – legal
  5. Short hair with hair that could be in face secured away – legal
  6. Hair that is half up and half down (the back of hair is down, but front and bangs are pulled up and secured) – illegal
  7. Long, ratted hair and/or hair pieces that fall in a cheerleader’s face, including the hair of the top person obscuring the vision of the base(s) or spotter(s) – illegal
  8. Long hair in a ponytail high on the crown that allows the hair to fall into the face – illegal
  9. Short hair that brushes the tops of the shoulders – illegal
  10. Hair in a ponytail that’s lying on or over the front of the shoulder – illegal
  11. Hair in a side ponytail that goes onto or touches the shoulders – illegal
  12. Hair in pigtails that touches the shoulders – illegal

NOTE: For State Wrestling, cheerleaders must not have hair covering any part of their ears. This is to make it easier for monitors to check for jewelry and plugs as cheerleaders travel back and forth between the stands and the mats.

Bangs pulled across forehead, wispies, and chunks of hair beside face:

  1. The above – out of eyes and if necessary soundly secured away from the face – legal
  2. Hair that falls into the face while cheering, stunting, or tumbling – illegal
  3. How do you know if it is legal? If you have to:
  4. Move your head to move hair away from your face – illegal
  5. Use your hand to move hair away from your face – illegal
  6. Tuck hair behind your ears – illegal


  1. A few small rhinestones punched into a bow or headband – legal
  2. Headbands and bows with small, flat items sewn on – legal
  3. Flat clips or bobby pins – legal
  4. Headbands and bows with sequins or other items (any size) glued on – illegal
  5. Bows with hard rhinestones/bling as the middle part of the knot – illegal
  6. Large items on headbands or bows sewed on – illegal
  7. Bows touching the face area including the forehead – illegal
  8. Alligator type clips, including those on bows or other items – illegal
  9. The plastic hair bump-it, bun sock, or anything under the hair to lift it up – illegal
  10. Hair interwoven with beads – illegal
  11. Flowers, feathers, etc. in the hair – illegal

If you have to move your head to get hair out of your eyes, use your hands to tuck hair behind your ear, or move hair off your shoulders – your hair is not secured and probably ILLEGAL.

Any time the hair gets in the way of a stunt, it is illegal. The hair should be off the shoulders for stunting.