Timeline of ICCA History

Several coaches meet to work on cheerleading concerns with Rick Wulkow and Bernie Saggau

ICCA becomes an official organization and has its first spring conference at Johnston.
ICCA publishes first newsletter (paid for by ICCA with help from Iowa High School Athletic Association IHSAA)
ICCA membership = 50 coaches


National Federation (NF) Rules Meetings started for cheer coaches with the help of IHSAA
ICCA awards three $100 scholarships for the first time (funded by ICCA)


Three scholarships of $150 are given at the spring conference (funded by ICCA)
First All State Tryouts held (choreography and judges funded by ICCA)


All State Squad performances are held at the Boys State Basketball (funded by ICCA)
ICCA assists with sportsmanship judging at state basketball
First state competition is held at Johnston High School (funded by ICCA)
Cheerleading Handbooks are sent to every school with IHSAA’S assistance

Newsletter is published three times a year (funded by ICCA)

Four scholarships of $500 given (funded by ICCA)


Athletic Director/Administrator of the Year Award and Service Awards are given for first time
Newsletter is now published four times a year (funded by ICCA)


February: ICCA starts monitoring cheerleaders at the state wrestling tournament
First Honor Squad performance at state football finals
ICCA starts first FREE fall clinics open to cheerleaders of members (funded by ICCA)

Friend of Cheerleading Awards & Sportsmanship Awards begin


ICCA donates a total of $5000 to the Hall of Pride


ICCA starts the All Star program with the All Star Goalsetters Basketball program (Iowa Basketball Coaches’ Association) and ICCA (choreography funded by ICCA)
Fall Clinics expanded to six sites (funded by ICCA)


ICCA hires Co Executive Directors with financial help from IHSAA
ICCA monitors cheerleaders at state football
State competition adds the small and large squad divisions to the open class
Academic All State program is established
IHSAA begins to print & mail ICCA newsletter (funded by ICCA)
ICCA begins a paid treasurer’s position (funded by ICCA)


ICCA monitors cheerleaders at state basketball
State competition moves to Vets in Des Moines (funded by ICCA)
State competition adds the stunt division
IHSAA begins sponsoring partial tuition of educational classes for coaches
ICCA begins the Lifetime Achievement Award


First and Second place squads perform at half times of the boy’s state basketball tournament
ICCA works with the Special Olympics for the first time


ICCA gives two scholarships to two cheerleaders at Honor Squad


ICCA adds a scholarship to a senior on the All State Squad for the first time
State competition in November grows from 67 to 97 teams


Conference 2009 has record of 115 coaches registered
Conference 2009 has record numbers take NFHS (National Federation High School) coaches’ education courses


State Championships moved to HyVee Hall in Des Moines
Online Rules Meetings begin
ICCA Requires all coaches with cheerleaders participating in ICCA Events to take the online rules meeting.
ICCA gives scholarships to a participating cheerleader(s) at all events


State Championships moved to the State Fairgrounds in Des Moines using the Jacobson Exhibition Center and the Varied Industries Building


Changed the Sideline Division to Time Out Division
ICCA Newsletter goes green by emailing links to members


Conference moves from Ames to The Meadows Conference Center at Prairie Meadows in Altoona with 138 coaches in attendance
IHSAA Board of Control approves of Uniform Guidelines and Recommendations for schools to follow
Online registration process is used for all ICCA Events
Non-Stunt Division eliminated from the State Championships
Student Achievement Award given to one cheerleader from each class: 1A, 2A, 3A, and 4A at the State Championships
Bank Iowa gives scholarships to the Best Participating Cheer Squad at State Football and State Basketball Championships
Bank Iowa gives a scholarship to the Half Time Performance Cheer Squad with the Best Service to Others


Concussion Training is required for ICCA Events
Small Team Division eliminated from the State Championships
Stunt Group Divisions are now broken down classes (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, and Coed) at the State Championships