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Iowa High School Cheerleading Championships

NEW-- Changes Made to State Championship Line-Up -- NEW

Beginning in 2014, the Iowa High School Cheerleading Championships will implement changes to several competition categories. The Iowa Cheerleading Coaches’ Association is releasing this information in order for coaches to begin making adjustments for this year’s championships on November 1, 2014. 

Change #1: Group Stunt divisions will now be classified as 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, and COED. Stunt group division now will have a COED division.  Each COED team will consist of 3-4 people with only 1-2 males in the group; all-girl stunt teams may have up to 5 members. A school may enter only one group stunt division.  In other words, one school may have two stunt groups in all-girl OR two stunt groups in COED. They may NOT have one group in all-girl and one group in COED.   COED stunt groups will be expected to perform COED stunts. Rubrics for the COED Stunt Division are in the process of being completed. (Watch the ICCA website for more information.)

NOTE: After one year ICCA will evaluate the COED group stunt competition to possibly change this to a TRUE coed division with only three people allowed in the group, but for 2014, four people will be allowed on a COED team, but only 1-2 can be males in each group of four. 

Each team in a division will perform in the preliminary round with the top 5 scoring teams in each division competing a second time for the championship in a final round.  Preliminary scores are for qualifying in the finals; preliminary scores will not count in the finals. If there are nine or fewer teams in a division, only the top 3 teams will compete in the finals. Current trophy policies will apply. (If there are only five teams in a division, two trophies would be awarded, etc.) Location of the Group Stunt finals will be determined after registrations are received.

Change #2: Small Team Division has been eliminated. All teams will now be entered into 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 4A Large, or COED.  Keeping in mind ICCA’s goal of providing students with the opportunity to participate in the Championships, teams are encouraged to compete with whatever number they can field without penalty for fulfilling the maximum number. (For example, if a small school only has 8 on their competition squad, they will be scored according to the quality of stunts, jumps, and tumbling those 8 members can do.) The ICCA Score Sheets are set up to reward teams for what the majority of the team can do. A team of 12 would be expected to perform 3 stunts, while a team of 8 would be expected to perform 2 stunts. Please refer to the ICCA Scoring Grids/Rubrics at for more information.

Tentative Change for 2015: Combining 4A and 4A Large Divisions.  While no change has been made at this time, the ICCA Board of Directors will evaluate this possible change in the near future.  If low numbers in one or either division warrant, those divisions may be combined into one division for 2015. 

REMINDER: ICCA has an Integrity Clause all members are expected to abide by for the State Cheerleading Championships:Participants for the Iowa Cheerleading Championships are made up of teams of bona fide cheerleaders from Iowa schools. ICCA requires all participating cheerleaders to be bona fide cheerleaders.  Bona fide cheerleaders cheer at scheduled games for an entire season, and participate in ALL cheer activities as team members. They cannot be cheerleaders who cheer now and then, step in to stunt, or only cheer on a competition squad. To place someone other than a bona fide cheerleader on a squad will open the school to possible disqualification, probation from ICCA Events, and the rescinding of trophies and medals won by the school at the Championships. 



Iowa Cheerleading Championships 2014
When: Saturday, November 1, 2014
Where: Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, Jacobson Exhibition Hall and Varied Industries Building
Who: Iowa High School Cheerleaders
Admission: $8

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2014 Information

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2014 Scoring Grids

ICCA Scoring Grid - Pyramid, tosses, partner stunts

ICCA Scoring Grid - Jumps, standing tumbling, running tumbling

ICCA Scoring Grid - Motions, dance, choreography

ICCA Scoring Grid - Overall

Unlike the first three sheets which will have only one judge scoring, the Overall Routine Impression score is given by each judge for a total of 30 pts added to the score.  This final sheet not only explains the Overall Routine Impression Score, but gives a final overview of all of the points plus the breakdown of the deductions in the third column.  

GROUP STUNT Click here to view the rubric.
GROUP Coed STUNT Click here to view the rubric.  


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