Rep Council

Overseer – ICCA Vice President


  • To gain more diverse feedback from coaches or past coaches from around the state
  • To gain more volunteers at ICCA events throughout the year
  • To give coaches or past coaches an insight into the ICCA Board
  • To serve as an introductory step in applying for ICCA Board membership when openings occur


  • Review minutes from quarterly board meetings
  • Attend two meetings per year (see below) – MUST attend conference to be eligible
  • Volunteer when needed at events listed below or otherwise needed by ICCA Board
  • Write one article for the newsletter
  • To be knowledgeable of ICCA Board proceedings and encourage membership to non‑member schools


Up to two ICCA members from each district. (no more than 12 Council members)


  • Each November, Rep Council will be advertised in newsletter and e-mail blast.
  • Interested members will submit their name and a one paragraph essay stating why they would like to be on the Rep Council. This will be due MARCH 1st to the ICCA Vice President.
  • ICCA Board will appoint up to two ICCA members to represent each district.

Length of Term:

  • One year
  • A rotation of members on the Rep Council is recommended each year, however, at the end of the one year year term, if no one else in that district shows interest, then
  • The current council member will be allowed to re-apply for another one year term.
  • Once an ICCA member has served on the Rep Council, they are eligible to apply for the Board when openings occur.

Meeting Frequency:

  • First meeting is at the April conference on Saturday afternoon during a designated session. Purpose: Review responsibilities, gather contact information, hand out volunteer possibilities and recap Conference. new business if any.
  • Last meeting is at Honor Squad practice. Purpose: Focus on rules and recap State Competition. Discuss future involvement with the Board

Possible Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Free Fall Clinics
    • Attend fall clinic and help out as needed
  • Honor Squad:
    • Registration – 1st practice
    • Registration – Friday practice
    • Registration – Saturday a.m. practice
    • Medals for cheerleaders
  • ICCA
    • Encourage five schools to join ICCA and attend ICCA events
  • Newsletter (required by all)
    • Write an article for one of the newsletters (or more)
  • State Championship
    • Registration and check-in assistance
    • Work at competition:
      • Runner as needed
      • Assist in crowd control
      • Sell programs
      • Give people breaks to eat, use restroom, and watch their home team
      • Distribute packets to coaches
  • State Wrestling
    • Safety check and expectations
    • Monitor the mats