Online Rules Meeting

 Fall Rules Meeting August 6 – 31, 2021

Winter Rules Meeting Oct. 25 – Nov. 29, 2021

(Meetings close at midnight on the last day.)

  • Each year one current National Federation spirit rules book is provided to every high school. This book must be shared by both fall and winter coaches at all levels.
  • The Iowa High School Athletic Association will have a limited number of books available for purchase at $10 each. If you need a current rules book, please contact Elisa Kahler at
  • An E-book for mobile devices may be downloaded for $6.99 from iTunes or Amazon at

Online Rules Meeting

  • The National Federation Spirit Rules Meetings are held ONLINE. All coaches are encouraged to complete this rules meeting as soon as possible, preferably BEFORE your first practice.
  • As with other sports, rules meetings will continue to be held online for the to make it easier for ALL coaches and choreographers to obtain needed safety and liability information. The 2021-2022 rules meeting dates are coordinated with the other sports.
  • Coaches with cheerleaders planning to participate in the All-State tryouts, State Competition, and Honor Squad MUST complete the fall rules meeting – NO EXCEPTIONS! State Competition coaches should ask their choreographers to watch the rules meeting, although coaches are still ultimately responsible for the safety and legality of rules for their squads.
  • Another rules meeting, which MAY NOT be used for fall ICCA event registration because it occurs after the registration deadline, will be held from October 28 – December 2, 2019.
  • Please complete the rules meeting before attending a free clinic since time will be made available to answer rule questions.

Procedures for Completing the Online Rules Meeting

  • Coaches: Be sure to have the National Federation rules book, paper to take notes, and a writing instrument when you view the rules video; the video refers to the rules book throughout.
  • Only one person per computer is allowed, since only one name may be on the verification form at the end of the meeting.
  • 2021 Online Rules Meeting

    ** NEW SYSTEM**

    Now open through August 31, 2021

    1. Coaches, your ATHLETIC DIRECTOR will need to create a VARSITY BOUND account (if your school does not already have one.) Here is a link to help with that process:

    • The AD will need all coaches’ emails for this process!!

    1. Once the account is created, your athletic director will need to ASSIGN you (and any other coaches/choreographers listed on your membership) to the account.

    • Any coaches who will be bringing cheerleaders to State Championships, All State events, or Honor Squad must take the Online Rules Meeting. Choreographers should also take the Online Rules Meeting.

      1. After being assigned to the account, log into Varsity Bound and click on the IHSAA logo on the left hand navigation to access the meeting.

    • Coaches have until Tuesday, August 31, 2021, to view the rules meeting.

  • ** Be sure to print complete and print the rules meeting verification form at the end of the online rules meeting. Each coach should print three copies of the verification form – one copy is for the coach’s files, one copy is submitted to the ICCA with registration paperwork, and one copy is given to the school’s athletic director to place in the coach’s file.
  • Once a meeting deadline has passed, the rules meeting will still be available for coaches to watch, but it will not be available for rules meeting attendance since a verification form may not be completed. Contact an Executive Director for a link to review the Online Rules Meeting.
  • Coaches are asked to only verify rules meeting attendance once, not each time it is viewed.
  • If you have any problems viewing the online rules meeting, please contact Jared Chizek at IHSAA ( If you have any questions about the rules themselves, please contact Erin Taylor of ICCA (