Constitution & Bylaws

Click here for a printable pdf of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Iowa Cheerleading Coaches’ Association, Incorporated

ICCA Vision Statement:

To anticipate and meet the needs of Iowa Cheerleading Coaches.
To provide educational opportunities to these coaches and their cheerleaders.

Goal of ICCA:

The goal of the Iowa Cheerleading Coaches’ Association shall be: To promote, develop, improve, protect, and support cheerleaders, cheer coaches, and cheerleading in Iowa.

Philosophy of ICCA:

The ICCA, the IHSAA, and the National Federation share the philosophy that the cheerleaders’ first responsibility is to lead crowd involvement and promote sportsmanship. The National Federation rules book states the following: Cheerleader activities should center on “leading” or “directing” the cheering of student and adult fans. Each team should strive to boost school spirit; promote good sportsmanship; develop good, positive crowd involvement; and help student participants and spectators achieve the most worthwhile educational objectives of the interscholastic program.

Competition or performing is a secondary role of cheerleader groups after their main responsibility is met; it can effectively promote school spirit when included at appropriate times at interscholastic contests, pep rallies and assemblies. If spirit competition is approved as a part of the school’s activities, it should not interfere with the primary responsibility of spirit groups, which is to support the interscholastic athletic program (2016-2017 Spirit Rules Book).