How to Ask a Rules Question

All rule questions should be directed to: Erin Taylor (

Before emailing legality questions, coaches are expected to check stunt legalities by using the National Federation Spirit Rules Book (including situation rulings and pictures) and videos on the Cheer Rules (

Coaches should only email if questions about the legality of a stunt or any other component of the routine still remain after first trying to find the answer.

If questions still remain, these steps MUST be followed:

  1. HEAD COACH emails a video (right side up) of the stunt or the part of the routine in question (not the entire routine)
  2.  Include:
    1. Coach’s name
    2. School name
    3. School classification and division entered (if applicable)
  3. Include current rule number pertaining to this stunt and a specific question (which part of the rule are you still questioning)