Honor Squad

Contact: Tami Doyle
Email: tjdoyle@cfu.net
Phone: 319-239-4277

Honor Squad Paperwork Requirements


  • A copy of the completed registration form
  • Honor Squad verification form
  • One “Covid waiver” per cheerleader
  • Payment


  • Coach’s/Coaches’ Online Rules Meeting certificates
  • Coach’s/Coaches’ Concussion Training certificates
  • INCOMPLETE PAPERWORK may cause you to forfeit the opportunity to perform.
  • Original documents only. No email copies.

COACHES — MAKE SURE to have MEDICAL RELEASE FORMS (one per cheerleader) in your possession when attending practices.

Honor Squad General Information

The Iowa Cheerleading Coaches’ Association and the Iowa High School Athletic Association are proud to sponsor the Iowa Cheer Honor Squad. This squad will perform at the half times of two Iowa High School Football Championship Games on November 20, 2020. We hope to have up to 100 cheerleaders participating in this event, representing ICCA member schools throughout Iowa. Honor Squad Director is Tami Doyle (tjdoyle@cfu.net)

Honor Squad Practice Letter (this will be linked when it is available)

Honor Squad General Information

Honor Squad Skills Checklist (this will be linked when it is available)

Honor Squad Hotel Blocks (this will be linked when it is available)

Requirements needed to participate

  1. Coaches must be members of the ICCA. The head coach must also have completed a spirit rules meeting online.
  2. A non-refundable $40.00 fee payable to ICCA for each participant.
  3. All forms must be completed and have all required signatures.
  4. Participants must be juniors or seniors cheering for a varsity squad for the current school year. Each ICCA member school may send up to three cheerleaders to participate.
  5. The coach must drive participants to Honor Squad practices and performances. (See “Coaches’ Duties” below for further details.)
  6. The coach must have a completed Information and Consent For Medical Treatment Form for each participant. It is the responsibility of the coach to carry these forms to all practices and performances. DO NOT SEND THESE FORMS TO ICCA.
  7. Participants and coaches are responsible for all food, hotel and travel expenses.
  8. Participants are required to follow all guidelines established by the ICCA. These guidelines will include policies covering appearance, behavior, conditioning, etc. The participating member will also be required to follow good conduct policies set by individual schools.

Coaches’ Duties

A head cheerleading coach or assistant cheerleading coach who is on the school payroll and has completed a 2020 Online Spirit Rules meeting can be the official chaperone for the cheerleaders. The coach must drive candidates to Honor Squad practices and performances. The coach is responsible for chaperoning at all times which means they cannot leave the site during the practices or performances. No parents will be permitted to accompany the participants in a supervisory position. This is to insure coverage through the IHSAA catastrophic insurance plan should an injury occur. The ICCA abides by the National Federation Spirit Rules governing cheerleading; therefore, the participants will be covered under the National Federation’s catastrophic insurance plan as well. Insurance regulations require a school vehicle (unless other arrangements are made with your administrator) and a school employee to bring the cheerleaders to the event.

If one of the coaches is unable to attend, a school employee may bring the candidates. This must be approved IN ADVANCE with the Honor Squad Director. The school employee must bring a letter from the school district superintendent or his/her designee stating the employee’s relationship to the school and why the head coach cannot attend. This should only occur in case of an emergency, as it is important that the coach attend the practices and performances.

Practices and Performance

The first practice will be held on Sunday, November 15, 2020,  from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., at Ames High School. Material will be made available virtually.

Registration that day will be from 8:00 – 8:30 a.m., with practice starting at 8:30 a.m.

The second practice will be held on Thursday, November 19, in Cedar Falls, from 2:30 – ? p.m. A final practice will occur in the Dome on Friday, November 20, from 7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m., with the performances to follow.

  1. All practices are mandatory, and both the coach and cheerleaders must stay for the entire practice. Cheerleaders will not be allowed to perform if they miss a practice, arrive late, or leave early.
  2. Hotel information will be sent out to participants with your confirmation.
  3. A T-shirt is included for each cheerleader in his/her registration. Do not order t-shirts on the summary of registration form.
  4. The Honor Squad Director/ICCA representative shall not permit a team member to participate if in his/her judgment there is a safety concern.
  5. The last day to change names or substitute is October 31st.
  6. All practices are mandatory, and both the coach and cheerleaders must stay for the entire practice. Cheerleaders will not be allowed to perform if they miss a practice.
  7. Hotel information will be available online.