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ICCA Fall Packet Information Index 2021-22

(Items that are not active links are being revised and will be updated here soon.)

  1. IHSAA/ICCA Letter
  2. ICCA Calendar for the 2021-2022 School Year
  3. ICCA/IHSAA Strengthened National Federation Spirit Rules
  4. Clarifying the Hair Rule for Cheerleaders
  5. Uniform Requirements and Recommendations
  6. ICCA Membership Benefits
  7. ICCA Map of Districts
  8. ICCA Board of Directors
  9. Read Before Registering for ICCA Membership and Events
  10. Follow These Steps to Register for ICCA Events Online
    1. Signature Verification Sheet
    2. Medical Treatment and ReleaseĀ Form
  11. General Information
    1. Iowa All-State Cheerleading
    2. Iowa High School Cheerleading Championships
    3. Iowa Cheer Honor Squad
    4. National Anthem Singer for State Championships Application
  12. Music Copyright Licensing Compliance Form
  13. How to Ask a Rule Question
  14. Important Rule Changes
  15. ICCA Fall Newsletter 2020