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Annual Coaches’ Conference

As of today, March 16, 2020, the ICCA Spring  Coaches’ Conference scheduled for April 3-4, 2020, is postponed to a later date. We are working on details in hopes of rescheduling in the near future. We will be in contact with members regarding the Conference as well as membership soon. We appreciate your patience in this matter. Please stay safe!!

— Thank you, Jeanne Ehn and Kenna Johnson (ICCA Executive Directors)

State Basketball

Clarifying the Hair Rule

Post Season Rules

Letter: Teams Participating in Boys’ State Basketball

Special Olympics

Special Olympics in May has now been CANCELED.

Please Review the Spirit Rule Comments Below

2-1-7c and 3-2-1
When passing props from the top person away from the stunt a base must not hold props that are made of hard material or have sharp corners or edges. A top person may hand signs to a non-stunting person on the ground or to a non-required spotter.


When performing braced flips in a pyramid the top persons hands/arms must be in continuous contact with a bracer.  In the cases of a single bracer, there must be a hand/arm connection between both hands/arms of the top person and the bracer.


Switch ups are permitted as long as they are caught by the original bases.


A cheerleader involved in a college cheer program may NOT participate in an ICCA Event. These events include: All-State Tryouts, State Championships, Honor Squad, All-Stars, Special Olympics, Shrine Bowl (juniors only), Academic Scholarship, and Fall Clinics.