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State Wrestling Change for 2020: PLEASE READ!


  • Cheerleaders are to ENTER the HY-VEE HALL LOBBY AREA at the 3rd Street bus drop off entrance. NOTE ABOUT NEW LOCATION: This is across the street (west) from the old cheer entrance area.

  • NO ONE will be admitted at the old entrance.

  • There they will be banded and wait for directions to go down a stairway and take the ramp to the regular cheer check in area. Cheerleaders will be protected from the weather, so it will be easier to come with just the necessities. Cheerleaders should not have to cross the street if the bus drop off is used.

  • Once cheerleaders and the coach are banded, they should wait for directions from an ICCA staff member.  It is IMPORTANT to listen and follow directions. This is being done for the warmth and safety of everyone.  Be respectful.

  • Cheerleaders will NOT be banded by IHSAA officials until the coach is present with the cheerleaders

Expectations for Cheerleaders at Sectional, District &
Regional Dual Team Wrestling Tournaments

State Individual Wrestling Tournament Cheerleading Information

View more at the Wrestling Cheer Information link on the Spirt Rules page.

Annual Coaches’ Conference

2020 Conference Registration is now open! NEW — Pay with a CREDIT CARD!

Hotel reservation information is now available on the Annual Conference page. Reserve your room early! Mark your calendar for April 3 & 4, and visit the Annual Conference page for more information as it develops!


ICCA Scholarship Applications are due February 15, 2020.

More information about Scholarships can be found here.

State Championships Info

Coaches, be sure to check the State Championships page for updated information! There you’ll find schedules, bus and parking information, order forms, rubrics, and more.


All-State results are available on the All-State page.

Back to School Mailing

The documents included in the Back To School Mailing are available on the ICCA website all year long on this page:

Please Review the Spirit Rule Comments Below

2-1-7c and 3-2-1
When passing props from the top person away from the stunt a base must not hold props that are made of hard material or have sharp corners or edges. A top person may hand signs to a non-stunting person on the ground or to a non-required spotter.


When performing braced flips in a pyramid the top persons hands/arms must be in continuous contact with a bracer.  In the cases of a single bracer, there must be a hand/arm connection between both hands/arms of the top person and the bracer.


Switch ups are permitted as long as they are caught by the original bases.


A cheerleader involved in a college cheer program may NOT participate in an ICCA Event. These events include: All-State Tryouts, State Championships, Honor Squad, All-Stars, Special Olympics, Shrine Bowl (juniors only), Academic Scholarship, and Fall Clinics.